Smart up your online sales
More reservations Less work
One to all
Distribute your room via one account and automatically connected with more channel
automatically connecting with top sales channels
real-time inventory and room rates updates
powerful financial management
Everything you need
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What they say about WAKA
The best thing about WAKA is I have the right to choose accept or reject every new reservation. No more  problems of room oversold.
WAKA is very helpful and easy-to-use. I just need to set the inventory and rates once, whichsaved me lots of work. And I don't need to worry about over-booking any more.

High quality customer service as WAKA promises, WAKA team members are my best friends from China.

Since I worked with WAKA, I got more and more Chinese guests, especially in the low seasons. I am very satisfied with WAKA and highly recommend it.
More channels, more bookings